Do’s and Don’ts for Planning a Staycation

By Heidi Wachter |


  1. A staycation can be a great time to finally take that painting or cooking class.


  1. If Mother Nature rains on your parade, use the opportunity to enjoy spa services and other indoor activities instead.

This article originally appeared as “Hometown Tourist” in the April 2016 issue. To read the full article, .

Devoting time to getting to know her adopted hometown “without the distraction of work and other commitments” is exactly the reason  senior fitness editor Maggie Fazeli Fard, 32, took her staycation.Typically, Maggie, her mother, Shamsi, and her sister, Sandy, spend an annual outing together, but this year Sandy wasn’t able to join them. So, Shamsi flew from New Jersey to Minneapolis to help Maggie tick off some of the items from her growing local bucket list.Since they share an outdoorsy streak, the two drove north to take in the beauty along Lake Superior’s scenic North Shore, stopping to hike in the rain at Gooseberry Falls and explore Grand Marais.The Twin Cities provided plenty of landmarks — like the historic farmers’ market in neighboring St. Paul and the Minneapolis Institute of Art — to check out, too. Maggie says that sharing some of her already-favorite local things with her mom — like Minnehaha Falls, cafés, and restaurants — made them feel special all over again.The quiet moments they spent getting massages, watching Netflix in their PJs, and kicking back with Maggie’s friends while eating Shamsi’s home-cooked Persian specialties were meaningful, too. “I rarely hang out with all three of my best friends at once, so it was amazing to get to do so with my mom, too,” Maggie says.Savoring time alone with her mom was significant, she adds, because “our adventures allowed my mom to understand why Minneapolis feels like home to me and why it’s different than other places I’ve lived.”

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