Expert Answers: Why Should I Do Sprints?

By Maggie Fazeli Fard |

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A | There are lots of good reasons to sprint, chief among them being to mix up your workout routine and challenge your body.

You can sprint on a track, on a bike, in the pool, on a rowing machine, and by doing fast-paced squats. Even chasing your kids in a game of tag can count. The key is to go as fast as you can, without sacrificing form, and to take ample rest.

Here are seven more reasons to add sprints to your regimen:

  1. Sprint workouts are, by definition, short and sweet. Or, at least, short and sweaty. Try this quickie: Sprint 100 meters. Walk back to where you started; this is your rest. Repeat until you can’t take any more, working up to 10 total sprints. For more sprint workouts, see “Three-Speed Cardio“.

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