38 Best Gifts for Runners In 2020 – Running Gifts for Her

If you’ve got a runner in your life, you know they’re straight-up obsessed with all things related to their sport. So, honestly, it would be a missed opportunity not to give your road race-training bestie a running gift this year. That said, it totally makes sense if you still need a little bit of inspo. Don’t worry, though. Below is a list of the very best running gifts for her that’ll help you pick something she’ll not only love, but actually use, too. This way, you can leave the whole racing-to-the-finish-line thing to your pal, not your holiday shopping list. You’re welcome in advance!

Whether she’s a distance junkie or lives for treadmill sprints at the gym, she’ll thank you time and time again for these thoughtful and inspirational running gifts. Picture this: In the following roundup you’ll find the absolute best running watches, foam rollers, leggings, inspirational running books, and more for the sweat-obsessed, mile-shredding athlete in your life. Plus, there might even be some gifts in here that benefit you, too. (*cough cough* Hi, cookbook with all kinds of delicious recipes!)

Curious yet? Makes sense. There’s lots of running-focused gear out there and it can be hard to know what’s actually, like, worth your hard-earned cash. Click through to see 38 of the best gifts for runners in 2020. The jogger or marathoner in your life will totally thank you for helping them cut a few seconds off their times or just become a healthier, better athlete. Read on!

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Okay so, obviously in the winter your runner is going to need an awesome pair of gloves, especially if they hate sporting a pair of cold hands. Opt for a pair that’s warm and boosts visibility. Win-win.

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This lil guy is roomy enough to fit keys, cards, and a phone (ya know, the essentials), but sleek enough to feel unobtrusive. No matter the runner’s gait, this pouch stays securely in place around their waist. And just look at that coral color! So pretty.

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Fans of the foam roller, especially those living in tight-spaces (think: city apartments) will love this compact massager. With this handy ball lying around, it’ll be like she has an in-house masseuse digging into her toughest knots and sore spots.

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When daylight hours are shorter, she’ll want to layer up in an insulated jacket. This one is also body-mapped with reflectivity so she’ll be visible even in low-light conditions.

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We can’t forget about post-run goodies. A blend of Epsom salt, sea salt, and essential oils offers a relaxing soak that even might help soothe inflammation and muscle soreness.

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This cute bandana can be used to help keep the sweat off her face, or act as a face mask in a pinch if she’s running in a crowded space. (It comes in blue, too!)

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Polarized sunglasses for just $21? Yep, that’s right! These budget-friendly shades were designed with runners in mind, thanks to the no-slip grip coating and lightweight frame.

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Oh yeah, we’re feeling sentimental now. Engraved with a marathon map from Boston to Honolulu, this leak-proof, vacuum sealed bottle will remind your marathoner of her athletic feat–and strength–with every sip. Who wouldn’t feel inspired?

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Sometimes you just gotta sweat it out. I mean, helloooo endorphins!

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Runners are notorious for having tight hamstrings and IT bands, but this cushioned mat will encourage your marathon-obsessed sister to loosen up on the reg.

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Whoever said socks are a lame gift clearly never tried Bombas. These high-performance socks are made with hex construction, to optimize breathability in the most common hot spots. Plus, the signature tab on the back will keep blisters at bay. What’s more, for every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair to homeless shelters.

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So the runner in your life can map out her training calendar and goal races for the entire year. Plus, it features inspirational tips, tricks, and advice from the mag’s trusted running experts that will motivate her to get her butt out of bed and hit the streets for that five-miler.

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This bright and bold pattern will be the energy boost she needs to power through that last mile.

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Garmin makes some of the best running watches around, and the Forerunner 245 is no exception. This sturdy GPS watch provides all kinds of useful data for runners, like ground contact time, stride length, vertical ratio, and so much more. Plus, this latest model features music storage directly on the watch, so she can leave her phone at home and have her playlist available on-the-go.

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She can never have enough socks–trust. These stay taut around her foot (and provide compression to help reduce fatigue), so there’s no chance of slippage (read: blisters) in her running shoes once she gets moving.

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By now, you know no matter what the weather looks like out there, sunscreen is a non-negotiable. Following the lead of queen Venus Williams herself, this lightweight serum (read: won’t melt off your face!) offers broad-spectrum sun protection and hydration. Double the fun.

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When it comes to percussive massagers, nothing quite beats a Theragun. The mini version is not only less expensive than its predecessors–it’s also portable and still wildly effective at working out minor muscle aches and pains from hitting the pavement. A worthy investment in your runner’s arsenal.

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Hair wisps flying in your face mid-run is beyond annoying. The solution? A colorful headband that actually does its job. This option ties in the back for a perfect fit and is outfitted with a soft rubber strip so it won’t fall off, no matter how hard she goes.

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Wait, wait, wait, before you run–let me show you this graphic tee. Lightweight, soft, and as cheeky as a running tee can be, this shirt is perf for runs through the park. And bonus: It’s reflective, too. OK, off you go!

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This book shares insight from Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher, along with guided confidence-boosting activities your workout buddy can incorporate into her daily routine.

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This cute backpack holds a ton of gym gear (including side water bottle pockets and an internal key leash), is water resistant, and keeps her posture on point.

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This book is pretty much a classic in the running community. In it, your runner will read about a fictional collegiate athlete trying to break a four-minute mile record.

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If your runner likes to squeeze in workouts during their lunch break, try gifting them a set of these gentle face wipes. Skincare is important, and we can’t have your runner clogging their pores when they don’t have to.

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When the ~colder~ months come around, it’s no surprise that your runner will need to slip into some warmer gear. These leggings are totally sweat-wicking so they won’t be stuck with the chills, but they’ll also keep them insulated enough that they’ll feel nice and warm.

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A true running pro knows the importance of cross-training. This set includes three resistance levels that will help them build strength and endurance.

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Now she can whip up the same flavorful meals Shalane Flanagan ate while training for–and winning–the 2017 New York City marathon.

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Give the gift of music with these headphones that will stay in her ears, no matter how fast her pace, thanks to interchangeable silicon ear gels. (Check out more great wireless headphones here.)

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Foam rolling is crucial for runners, and this TriggerPoint roller comes with free online instructions so your pal can hit all the right spots. With nearly 13,000 Amazon ratings and 4.5 stars, you really can’t go wrong.

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This lightweight jacket is shockingly warm, without feeling stuffy, thanks to a unique nano-spinning technology that keeps water out and lets air in. It’s the perfect layer for outdoor runs in the fall or winter months. (Check out other fitness award winners for gift inspo.)

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If your loved one is all set on gear, consider gifting an inspirational running book. This one is about legendary marathoner Meb Keflezighi’s, and the lessons he’s learned through the 26 (!) marathons in his running career.

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