30 Best Yoga Gifts For Every Budget And Yogi In 2020

If you’ve ever had to buy a gift for someone whose interests are nothing like yours, my condolences to you and your wallet. Guessing what someone might like is a gamble that will most likely earn you a high pitched “I love it,” accompanied by a tight smile. Awk.

While ideas for the perfect gift can be challenging, when it comes to the calm-cultivating, balance-seeking, chakra-aligning yogis in your life, there are so many gifts they’re guaranteed to love. These gifts go beyond the basic leggings and yoga mat (although, of course, they’re in here too). Instead, think outside the box with inventive wall decor, muscle soothing bath salts, and so much more.

After all, yoga is a lifestyle, not just an activity, as your friends might tell you time and time again–so, why not incorporate gifts that can fit into every area of their life? While some of these gift ideas are from well-known brands, others are from smaller companies that truly live the spiritual lifestyle, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find something your friend won’t love.

What’s even better is the fact that no matter what your budget might be, there are easy options from $10 all the way to $100, and your yogi honestly won’t even be able to tell the difference. This time, you can rest assured that the enthusiasm you’ll receive upon giving your gift is genuine. And who knows? After browsing through this list of best yoga gifts in 2020, you may even be inspired to pick up the practice yourself. See you on the mat.

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This yoga bolster doesn’t just look pretty, thanks to its eco-suede cover that comes in various colors, but it’s also super functional–its square shape offers a solid base of support for both restorative poses and meditation.

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If your favorite yogi wants to take things up a notch, help her level up with a yoga wheel. It’s perfect for improving flexibility, mastering poses, boosting mobility, and strengthening the core.

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If you’ve taken a yoga class that ends with the instructor ringing a Tibetan singing bowl at the end, you know just how relaxing this sound can be. Give your yoga friend the gift of chill vibrations.

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Yoga Mind is a 30-day guide meant to jumpstart mindfulness for anyone who deals with a stressful and fast-paced life.

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Give the gift of restored energy with these stones. The yogi in your life can speak her healing intentions and place the stones on the energy centers she wants to open. They also make pretty trinkets.

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Yoga is a lifestyle, so even if the yogi in your life is off duty, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have positive vibes (and warmth) coming from their feet. (But stick with these grippy yoga socks if you want to keep your feet warm during class.)

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Same, girl. This sweatshirt is perf to throw on after your next flow–and will def get a nod of agreement from the others in your Zoom class.

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Treat your yoga-loving friend to this yoga towel. The no-slip nubs at the bottom will keep it in place even if your friend is sweating it out in hot yoga.

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Would a yoga gift list really be complete without a pair of yoga leggings? Go for this cute and comfy pair, with scallop details along the waist and ankles. They’re also available in a ton of bright colors.

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A hard yoga class followed by a restorative bath? That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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This simple lotus flower pendant will be a constant reminder of enlightenment and inner power.

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This hanging yoga sculpture will bring positive vibes and tranquility to any space.

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At this point, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot of yoga gear out there, so give the gift of a yoga bag to put it all in. This one comes with a handy strap to help tote a rolled-up mat.

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Water bottles are an exercise staple, but one with wellness gems inside? It’s the stuff of yogi dreams.

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Minimalist and understated, this punny wall decor is such a breath of fresh air for any yogi. It’s a reminder to take a day off sometimes. I mean yoga is about balance, right?

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Made of recycled fabric, this hair accessory is essential to keeping flyaways out of your eyes in a downward facing dog. It’s also moisture-wicking, in case you prefer a more intense flow.

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This unassuming block has the ability to up anyone’s yoga game, which makes it the ideal gift. It adds a challenge during stretches, offers support, and helps the body settle into poses.

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Help set the mood with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Supplemental to yoga, it will help boost mental focus, promote a calm atmosphere, and show stress the door.

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This strap allows for a broader range of motion for any yogi thanks to the multiple loopholes and grips. This is a great tool to bring along to any yoga class or to assist with your friend’s at-home practice.

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Each rollerball corresponds to a specific one of your seven chakras (or energy centers in your body), and is infused with crushed crystals and herbs to help you stay grounded, energized, or whatever you need at the moment.

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Skip the fragrant, chemical-filled stuff and go for this cleansing bar made from thermal mud and bamboo powder. It promotes moisture, so your giftee’s skin will feel smooth and supple as she flows through a sequence.

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For any flow-induced aches and pains, this CBD balm is perfect. Organic CBD is combined with heavenly lavender, cacao butter, and peony scents to create a salve that’ll give sore muscles that blissed out feel.

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Your yogi friend will need some support during those downward facing dogs, but it doesn’t need to be as intense as, say, what they might need for HIIT. This low-impact bra is snug and durable, making it perfect as a daily wear option, as well.

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If your friend is so into yoga that it’s made its way into her home decor, a gorgeous yoga statue should be a part of her collection.

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What’s not to love about a phone case covered in drawings of people doing yoga poses?

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This one’s pretty obvious, but you can never go wrong with a mat, especially this reversible one. It’s cushioned, durable, and non-slip, so whoever’s on it can stretch it out without worry.

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Everyone deserves to stretch and flex in a soft onesie made of a material that moves in every direction you do.

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A trendy tie tank with mesh fabric is the ultimate staple for sweaty yoga flows: The moisture-wicking fabric will keep your friend cool, even when she’s fired up.

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There’s a pretty good chance the yogi in your life already has a sports bra (or 10), but this one is made specifically for yoga and other activities (i.e. lounging!) and features a cute criss-cross back.

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The hot yoga lover in your life will relate to the message on this cute tote bag (which she can use to carry her coconut water and yoga socks).

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