30 Best Gifts For Hikers 2020 – Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Women

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as reaching the end of a long, arduous hike up a mountain, popping a squat on a rock, and soaking up that hard-earned view.

As an avid hiker myself, I savor every second on the trails–and want to bring the peace, freedom, and perspective they give me into pretty much every aspect of my life. And if you’ve got a hiker in your life, I’m willing to bet they feel the same way. So, I hand-selected these hiking gift guide of outdoor gear so that you can give your favorite trailblazer the boost they need on that next climb or backpacking trip–or create the mountain vibes they want to enjoy at home, too.

From the super practical (literally everyone needs a first aid kit) to the just plain fun (peep that quotable bumper sticker), as far as gift guides go, there’s something here for every hiker and every occasion. Whether they’re just discovering their passion for the outdoors or have enough, hiking gear, rain jackets, sleeping bags, and fire starters to last a lifetime, they’ll appreciate–and actually use–each and every one of these picks.

Trust me: I personally rely on some of these items to feel safe, comfortable, and well-fueled on everything from quick trail runs to all-day hikes to post-hike hangs.

Whatever your budget, I’ve got just the thing for the nature-seeking soul you love. Scroll through these 30 gifts for hikers and, cross that loved one off your to-do list, and be prepared to want to climb a mountain yourself!

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This super-soft shirt brings mountain vibes to everything from running errands to hanging at home.

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A good fleece layer is important for chilly mornings on the trails, and you can’t go wrong with this pretty pastel one.

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The eco-conscious outdoorsgal can pack her favorite snacks for the trail up in these reusable beeswax wraps and stash them in her bag to enjoy along with the views at the top.

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Good luck finding a cuter guide to the National Parks than this miniature, illustrated book.

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For the parks lover, these unframed, 8×10 prints of some of America’s most famous nature make gorgeous home decor.

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These eye-catching gradient bandanas do it all. Use ’em as face coverings, a headband, a sweat-sopper, whatever.

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Showing the NPS some love and keeping the sun out of your eyes is easy-peasy (and, might I add, trendy) with this vintage-looking hat.

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A first aid kit may not be the most exciting gift, but it really does show you care. This one is loaded with 85 items, including all sorts of bandages and Band-Aids, plus gloves, mini scissors, and more.

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A LifeStraw is a must for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Drained your water bottle and need to drink from that stream? Not a problem.

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For the data-driven trailblazer, this more-affordable Garmin makes tracking mileage and pace easy.

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Sun protection is a hiking backpack essential, and this SPF 30 pick from Venus Williams’ brand is sheer, mineral-based, and provides full-spectrum coverage.

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The card that accompanies this dainty necklace may be a little cheesy, but it’s a gift that lets your loved one truly take the mountains with them wherever they go.

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Darn Tough is my personal go-to for hiking socks and these plum-colored quarter socks are as cute as they are comfortable.

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Another personal fave: This 18-liter pack from Osprey. It’s the perfect hiking backpack for shorter day hikes or trail runs.

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Give your favorite hiker’s home that mountain energy with these stone-like concrete candle holders. They’re simultaneously outdoorsy and cozy.

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Okay, trekking poles may not seem glamorous, but they work wonders for preventing sausage fingers on the trails. IYKYK.

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A perfect stocking stuffer or quick gift, this sticker pretty much says it all. Your favorite hiker will agree.

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Whether they need to get cleaned up on a camping trip or want to be environmentally-conscious from the comfort of home, this organic, biodegradable body wash comes in clutch (and smells heavenly).

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Headlamps can look a little dorky, but the tie-dye strap on this light is just about as trendy as they come. Plus, a portion of every sale goes to support environmental causes via 1% for the Planet.

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This bug spray is vegan, cruelty-free, and DEET-free, so your loved one can enjoy the great outdoors without constant swatting or itching.

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The Moab is Merrell’s most iconic hiking boot–and this colorful Outdoor Voices collab makes the classic extra fun. (FYI, the newest colorways–lava and limestone–drop on Nov. 5 but you can join the waitlist now.)

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Whether they want to enjoy steamy coffee on the trails or keep their water cold-as-ice, this stainless steel Hydroflask (complete with a funky design) goes the long haul.

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Higher in sodium than most electrolyte products out there and SO delicious, I never hike without a packet of this drink mix from Elemental Labs. The hiker in your life will love ’em too, promise!

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Every trail maven will appreciate this friendly reminder as they sip their morning cup of coffee, whether at their work desk or a campsite.

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My hiking pack is constantly stocked with at least two RXBARs–and this bundle includes three of my favorite flavors. Know a chocolate-loving hiker? This is for them.

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Whether on the trail, at the park, or in the backyard, this lightweight hammock from ENO is easy to whip out and set up for instant chilling pretty much anywhere.

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Any Henry David Thoreau or John Muir quote about the beauty of nature will be perfectly at-home on this handmade leather bookmark.

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These tasty bars are another hiking pack staple–and come in handy on longer treks when you need a little protein power oomph.

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Firsts of all: Same. These crew socks are the gag gift for your favorite woods-wanderer. Made of cotton, nylon, and spandex, they’re probably best worn around town and not on long hikes, though, FYI.

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