32 Best ’80s Workout Costume Ideas For Halloween 2020

It may be 2020, but the ’80s have never been more influential in the fitness scene then, well, the ’80s. Yup, a whole new generation is finding inspo in old Jane Fonda workout videos…and her workout outfits. ICYMI, Jane ruled the ’80s fitness circuit and pretty much invented the era that birthed Jazzercise. There is no other image more reminiscent of the ’80s exercise era than Jane rocking a skinny belt wrapped around a bright leotard for all of her during her legendary workout DVDs.

Since then, plenty of people have been #influenced by Jane’s sweat style–just ask Lisa Rinna, who once released her own Jazzercise video after discovering Jane’s DVDs. Even Jane herself is still into it. Which is all to say that if you’re looking for something to wear this Halloween, an ’80s workout costume is a pretty genius option.

More than being on trend, it’s pretty easy to pull off, too. There are a few things your costume can’t go without: mainly a fun leotard, bright, solid-colored leggings, leg warmers, a skinny belt, (ankle weights and sweat bands optional, but highly encouraged). Pull these all together, and hey, Jane Fonda is that you?

Don’t want to browse the for hours looking for the perfect look? This list has got you covered. The best part: You can probably use most of these items even after Halloween and gone. Here’s everything you need your 80’s style fitness costume.

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Toss this neon green sweatshirt on over a bright leotard and tights for the ultimate warm-up look. Pro tip: Let one side of the collar slouch down off of your shoulder for a legit throwback look.

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The hard-and-fast rule of ’80s workout attire? The more colors, the better! For an extra-bright layer, style this under your leotard to add a vibrant pop. (Plus, it’ll also keep you warm if your Halloween plans happen to be outdoors.)

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If a leotard and tights sound a bit revealing outside the , layer on a highlighter-hued tee, preferably one you can style off the shoulder.

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This neon leotard is so electrifying you may break a sweat just looking at it. Wear yours high on your hips with even brighter tights layered underneath.

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A bodysuit (a.k.a. leotard) is the quintessential ’80s workout item, and this one looks like someone traveled back in time and pulled it right out of Jane Fonda’s closet. You can also get it in other colors from neon green to white.

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Here’s a fun leotard you can use even after Halloween is long gone. It’s designed with a retro-inspired rainbow stripe and is perfect for both an ’80s workout costume…or just for your next low-impact workout, like yoga or Pilates, since it’s made for a soft cotton jersey material.

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Available in over 20 colors, this tank thong bodysuit will pair amazingly with any bright-colored leggings and a pair of leg warmers. This leotard features a low-scoop neckline and a U-shaped back, which was the silhouette of the ’80s.

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If the ’80s taught us anything, it’s to embrace neon colors with reckless abandon, especially in the form of stretchy Spandex. , you can’t go wrong with a pair of leggings– in tons of colors!

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For a luminous ’80s workout costume, these silver leggings dazzle. With a day-glow leotard, scrunchy socks, and sneakers, you’ll look every bit the part of an ’80s aerobics instructor.

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If you hate wasting money on one-time use costumes, that won’t be the case with these high-waisted leggings. Not only will your Jane Fonda look, but they’ll also one your your year-round fave workout pants since they’re made from a squat-proof, Power Flex fabric.

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You’ll win an award for best costume once you pair these bright, red leggings with your leotard of choice. The louder the colors, the better your ’80s costume, amirite?

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If you want to keep the metallic theme going, here are the perfect leggings to complete your lewk, and they come in other colors including red and neon pink.

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The splashy alternative to neon? Paint-splatter s! Eighties Jazzercise enthusiasts rocked this with a solid leotard, matching leg warmers, and a sweatband.

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No shame in the anti-leggings game. These ed joggers capture an ’80s vibe with a bright leopard and sweatband in tow.

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Instead of leggings or tights, how about neon biker shorts? This hot-pink pair looks amazing with a white leotard and teal or yellow accents.

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If you can’t be bothered to coordinate a leotard and tights, throw on a bright unitard instead! With a belt, wrist weights, and sneakers, you’ll still look ’80s to a T.

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A shiny pair of shorts are super-fun layered over a leo and tights. Bonus points for a matching metallic manicure!

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You haven’t officially made it back to the ’80s if you don’t have a pair of leg warmers on hand, er, leg. This bright yellow seems appropriate, but if you have something else in mind, these leg warmers are available in a ton of other colors, too.

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These extra slouchy leg warmers were made to be warn pooled around your ankles. They will give off a full-on Flashdance effect when paired with leggings and a bodysuit. Bonus points for tossing an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt on top!

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A great alternative to a leg warmer is a pair of plush socks like these. Wear ’em with your fave retro sneakers.

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This stretchy belt will move with you when you’re demo-ing those high-knees, turn steps, and jump kicks. This in tons of colors, from orange to pink and yellow.

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A PVC belt with neon trim is a splashy but not-too-bold accent–style yours with a colorful leotard and bright tights.

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Look at old pictures of Jane Fonda’s workout DVD days, and you’ll see she never left a skinny belt behind. Wrap it around your leotard your ’80s workout costume.

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If you want to make your ’80s costume a 2020 statement too, add this animal skinny belt to your getup. It’s yet another staple you’ll be wearing well past Halloween.

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These sleek wrist and ankle weights have a cult following on Instagram, and for a good reason: They’re insanely cute! For total ’80s vibes, go for a bright color that coordinates with the rest of your outfit.

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Adding a pair of legit ankle weights (like this sandbag style that was BIG in the ’80s) won’t just finish off the look. Wearing them around totally counts as a leg workout.

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In case you haven’t got the memo yet, ’80s = bright colors. So why not make sure your ankle weights fit into the theme, too. I have a hunch these weights would be Jane Fonda-approved.

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These ankle weights double up as wrist weights too, so you’re guaranteed to find a use for them even when you aren’t using them to impersonate the queen of retro-style workout gear.

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Your ’80s workout costume won’t without a colorful headband, and if you really want to go all out, you need the big hair and a colorful scrunchy for , workout hair trifecta.

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By now, you must have realized, taking on an ’80s workout costume means you may look like a walking rainbow, and you’re not wrong; you might, but just like Jane Fonda, you’ll be killing the look. Here are some bright-colored wristbands to put the final touch on your throwback costume.

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