Test Your FullBody Fitness With This Kettlebell Workout

One kettlebell is all you need for a full-body blast. Give this three-part workout a go – then have a lie down.

Kettlebells, first popularised in Russia (where kettlebell training is even a national sport), have enjoyed a recent resurgence – and rightly so.

Due to its shape, size and easy-to-grip handle, the kettlebell is an incredibly versatile bit of kit, capable of doing everything the dumbbell can and more: from strength exercises, to power, to unilateral moves like the walking lunge.

Give the following workout a go to get your muscles firing and lungs burning…

How to: minimal rest between the exercises in each round; 90 secs rest between rounds.

Part 1

3 rounds

200m run 15 KB swings 10 KB renegade rows

Part 2

3 rounds

200m row 15 overhead press 10 sumo deadlift high pull

Part 3

3 rounds

500m exercise bike 15 thrusters 10 cleans (5 each arm)

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