The Best Foam Roller Moves for Every Body Part

  1. Whenever you find a painful spot, you can either stay still on that point for 5-30 secs or simply roll that area for the same amount of time before moving on.

  1. On all fours and with one shin on the roller, begin from the bottom of your shin and work your way up – moving left to right across your shin as you roll.

  1. Remember to roll your calf left and right as you go from bottom to top.

  1. Always look for painful spots to work on and release.

  1. Lift your foot up off the floor and down as you go.

  1. Gradually work your way up to your hip while moving your leg from left to right.

  1. Now, start rolling forward and back across a small area at a time, while gradually moving up and along your leg towards your hip. Remember to turn your hip forwards and backwards slightly as you go.

  1. Have your hands behind you for support and begin rolling the area.

9. Back

  1. ‘Relax’ there for a while and concentrate on your breathing.

  1. You can change the angle of the roller and move around as you wish. Just do your best to get into your pecs and give them a good roll.

  1. Keep looking for tender spots to go to work on.


Workout compiled by online PT and weight-loss coach Luke Grainger:

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