Home Kettlebell Workout For Fat Loss

A pair of kettlebells and a patch of floor are all you need for this high-intensity mini circuit that will send your metabolism into overdrive.

If you want to make big progress in a short time, take on this 10-minute kettlebell blast. Using two kettlebells increases the load and therefore the training stimulus of the exercises.

The squat to overhead press is a thoroughly demanding exercise, because you move the weights through a big range of motion, which also makes it good for fat loss.

The press-up renegade row, meanwhile, will work your entire upper body while sculpting your abs.


  1. Repeat this mini circuit 6 to 10 times – depending on how brave you’re feeling.

1a. Squat to Overhead Press

Muscles Worked: glutes, quads, core, shoulders, forearms

  1. Return the weights under control to the start, then go straight into the next squat.

1b. Press-Up to Renegade Row

Muscles Worked: core, pecs, lats, biceps, forearms, quads

  1. Perform as many reps as you can in the 40 secs.

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