Get Prison Muscle With This ExInmate’s Shoulder Workout–Men’s Fitness

is a simple bodyweight training plan conceived by ex-offender LJ Flanders. The plan has inspired inmates all over the country to improve their physical and mental fitness.

During isolation, it could help you, too – here’s a sample session to fire up your shoulders.


  1. 5 mins mobilisation exercises


30 secs per exercise / 5 rounds / 60 secs rest between rounds

1a. Hand Push

  1. Alternate on the other side.

1b. ‘I’ Formation with Arms in Front

  1. Continue the movement, slowly lowering your arms back down to the start position.

1c. Hand Grasp Pull

  1. Continue the movement, holding the tension, then release.

1d. Fast Hand Tap

  1. Continue the movement, alternating hands and gradually increasing the speed of the taps.

1e. Pike Shoulder Press

  1. Press back up and repeat.

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