The Backpack Workout To Build TotalBody Muscle

Try this backpack workout from F45 Tooting trainer and co-founder of the Plant Based Games Connor McDonald.

How To “Fill your bag with books, tinned food, bottles of water, or anything else you can find to add enough weight that will challenge you,” says McDonald. “Perform each rep with control and focus on form throughout.”

1. Bent-Over Row

15 reps / 4 sets / 60 secs rest between sets

  1. To increase the difficulty, single-arm row the backpack instead.

2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

12 reps / 4 sets / 60 secs rest

  1. Rise back to the start, complete the reps, then repeat with the other leg in front.

3. Russian Twist

30 secs / 6 sets / 30 secs rest

  1. Keep it up for 30 secs, rest for 30, and repeat.

4. Overhead Lunge

12 reps / 5 sets / 60 secs rest

  1. Focus on hitting a 90-degree bend in both knees when you’re at the bottom phase of the move.

5. Upright Row

15 reps / 4 sets / 60 secs rest

  1. To progress, try using just one hand to pull the bag through the movement.

6. Press-Up

12-15 reps / 5 sets / 90 secs rest

  1. To make it harder, raise alternate legs off the floor with each press-up, or bring the hands closer together to target the triceps more.

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