Sesamoiditis And How Runners Can Treat Or Prevent It

Running Injury & Recovery

flexor hallucis longus (FHL) and the shorter tendon, flexor hallucis brevis – see Picture 1. They act as a fulcrum point as you push off giving extra leverage and power.

Red flag signs

How does sesamoiditis feel?

. It feels like you have something in your shoe. To bend the toe up causes a sore and even sharp feeling with a tight tugging felt through the toe and into the sole of the foot.  

. It can warm up and allow a bit of running but they are often very sore afterwards.  



Causes of Sesamoiditis




If there is a very stiff lack of range in the toe even when pointed downwards the toe may have some bony issues like hallux rigidus. This needs to be assessed properly and you should seek the advice of a specialist physiotherapist or foot and ankle surgeon.

Other treatment of sesamoiditis


tibialis posterior allows the inside of the foot to be loaded more than it should. If you can push the foot out as shown in Picture 8 then the tibialis posterior is weak and should be strengthened using the technique in Picture 9. 

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