Medial Shin PainSymptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Typical symptoms of medial shin pain



Causes of shin pain and addressing it

Picture 2 shows an example of good alignment and Picture 3 shows an example of incorrect alignment. 

1. TP strength

Holding the foot as shown in Picture 4 you should be able to hold against a person trying to push your foot outwards. Compare to the non-symptomatic side.


2. Calf length

This may or may not be an issue but you should have at least 20 degrees of easy range past 90, as shown in Picture 5. The foot should go easily and not want to shift to the outside as you push it up.  


3. Glut strength

Particularly the lateral gluts as these are the ones which are responsible for holding the knee over the foot. In the test position shown in Picture 8 with the leg held up and behind the line of the body you should be able to hold against someone pushing the leg down. Compare to the other side. If the leg can be pushed out then it is not strong enough.


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