How To Perfect The Finishing Kick Or Sprint Finish In A Race

Running Training

Perceptions of speed

A sprint finish comes from strength

Part of this is mental. It doesn’t matter how tired you are at the end of the race, you will always be able to find something extra, even if that is just a 20m burst at the end. The trick is to know this mentally and prepare physically to be ready and extend the distance you can sprint at the end.

Pacing is important

Mix up your training

Sprint sessions

This is done by using shorter reps, such as 200m, and doing maybe 10-20 of them, but all pretty quick (for the individual). This will get the legs used to running faster than usual and due to the number of reps, it teaches the body to run fast when the legs are tired which is exactly how you will feel at the end of the race.

Run strides at the end of your training

In between each one give yourself as long as you need before you’re ready to go again. It is not a strict session, it’s just about getting the legs moving faster and feeling better by the end of it. Doing this just reminds the legs what it is like to run quickly, and they’ll remember that when it comes to that last 100m in the race!

Hill training

Remember, you’ll nearly always find a sprint

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