Hill Workouts For Runners

Running Training

Hilly run

Including one or two hilly runs into your schedule each week is a wonderfully simplistic way to improve your strength and endurance.

Kenyan hills

Find a hill with a moderate gradient and run up it for 60-90 seconds at a pace that is ‘comfortably had’, not an eyeballs out effort. Once at the top turn around and run back down the hill at a steady pace to actively recover. Repeat this sequence 5-6 times. You can gradually build the number of efforts as you become fitter.

Remember, the aim of this workout is to run each uphill segment hard, yet controlled so that you are able to maintain a steady pace during the downhill segments. If you’re forced to stop and walk you’re running too hard!

Power hill sprints

Uphill tempo

Aim to complete 20-25 minutes of continuous running, or if this is too challenging then split the work into blocks such as 2 x 10 minutes or 4-5 x 5 minutes with a short, 1 minute recovery. The key to this workout is to err on the side of caution and to start a little slower than you feel you need to as the hill will start to bite! Reduce the gradient and cool down with 5 minutes of easy jogging.

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