Summer Training Running Essentials

Running Gear

Summer as a runner means lighter evenings, beautiful scenery, shedding those extra layers and thirsty work. It’s definitely less of a motivational challenge to get out of the door when the sun is shining and you don’t have to battle against the elements! Check out these top training essentials to help you stay cool and chilled during the summer months.


Sunglasses are definitely a summer training must-have. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun and prevent you from squinting, they also act as a great barrier against unwanted flies and dust! They can even help you to feel more ‘blinkered’ and focused, particularly in a race. The fit is everything when it comes to running sunglasses. Opt for a pair of shades that sit comfortably and snugly on the bridge of your nose so that they don’t bounce or move on impact.


Wearing a white cap will help to keep the sun off of your head and will therefore reduce the risk of heatstroke. If it’s really warm you might want to soak the cap in water before you head out of the door to help keep you cool for those first few miles.

Cool apparel

With so much technical running apparel now on the market, gone are the days when you’d return from a run in a heavy cotton t-shirt soaked in sweat! For summer running it’s well worth investing in some technical t-shirts or vests. Go for something ultra-thin with breathable and wickable fabric. You’ll look cool and stay cool!

Electrolyte drink

Running in the summer can be a total sweat fest and can leave you hot, bothered and thirsty. It’s really important to rehydrate properly and to replace the electrolytes that are lost through sweat as your body’s cells rely on them to function properly.

This is even more important if you’re a particularly ‘salty sweater’. (You can tell if you’re a salty sweater if you get that white film on your face, neck or shoulders or you can taste salt in the shower after a run!). Be smart with your rehydration strategy and ensure that you replenish electrolytes post run. The effervescent tablets are a good option, particularly if you find sports drink too sweet. Just pop a tablet into your drink post run. Easy!


Whilst making the most of the miles in the sun, it’s really important to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, particularly on long run days. However finding a suitable sweat-proof sun cream that doesn’t leave you looking as if you’ve been sobbing for your entire run can be a little tricky! It seems that the outstanding favourite sweat-proof sunscreen amongst runners is Riemann P20.


As temperatures begin to rise you may find that you become more susceptible to blisters and chaffing. Ouch! Good old Vaseline is perfect for helping to prevent unwanted blisters and chaffing. You can even try putting a dab on your eyebrows to help prevent any sweat from running into your eyes!

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