What To Do If You’ve Missed A Training Session Or More?

Running Training

You’ve missed one training session

, if you’ve missed one of your longer sessions due to lifestyle commitments it is possible to slot this one in. For example, if you’ve missed the long Sunday session this can be completed the day after, as long as you allow for adequate rest. Rule to remember – you should only make up a missed long session if you’ve skipped it due to lifestyle commitments and not due to illness or injury.

You’ve missed one week of training

, if you had to pause your training due to illness or injury you might not be ready to restart and follow every session in the plan. Depending on your individual reasons for stopping, you’ll need to ease your way back correctly. This is when the advice of a professional, personal trainer or an experienced training buddy will help. They’ll be able to listen to your case, your reasons for stopping training then advise you accordingly.

You’ve missed two weeks of training

, if you are an experienced in your discipline and you are in the early stages of your training plan you may be able to reach your original challenge goals. Just be aware it will take around two weeks to get back to the form you were in before you paused your training.

One final thing – respect the taper

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