7 Terrible PostRun Treats

Running Nutrition

Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that low carb meals and snacks are ideal after aerobic exercise, as they increase insulin sensitivity, and keep your metabolism ticking over after exercise. Insulin is a fat storage hormone, and spiking its production by consuming carbs immediately after your run could risk ruining all of your hard work. Instead, opt for lean protein filled meals, and save the carbs for later.  

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that saturated fats hinder nutrient absorption. That means after your run when your body needs protein and other micronutrients to refuel, their levels are instead being lowered by saturated fat. Wait until around an hour after your run until you eat fat, and when you do make sure it’s in a healthy form such as grilled chicken.

American College of Nutrition Journal found that whilst fizzy drinks do not actively dehydrate you, they are also not as effective at hydrating the body as water is.

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