Your Guide To Trail Running

Running Training

Want to try trail running? You should. Trail running can improve your running performance and is becoming increasingly popular as a good alternative to road running. The popularity of trail running can be seen from the fact that most shoe manufacturers now make at least one trail running shoe and there are new trail races emerging all the time. Maybe it’s time you got on the trail …

How to get started in trail running

It’s easy for boredom to set into your training, especially if you are entering the same races and training on the same old tired routes. Not only that, but your body is taking a pounding with all that running on hard surfaces. So maybe it’s time you gave yourself a new challenge and find out how to get into trail running, where you can train harder and for  longer whilst boosting your running motivation.

Trail running is a great alternative to road running, so if you’re thinking of giving it a go, consider the following advice:

  1. Leave the trail like you found it. What makes trails such great places to train is the natural beauty that surrounds them. Please leave the trail just like you found it, and enjoy your time spent on the trails.

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