5 Dangerous Diet Myths Runners Should Avoid

Running Nutrition

A diet containing too much animal protein is highly acidic. Your kidneys have to work overtime to counter-balance this, which can ultimately aggravate pre-existing kidney conditions. And it can also lead to insulin resistance, which in turn can cause diabetes and high blood pressure.

With little or no glycogen you effectively lose your power source for energy as well as water for hydration. Yes you might then start to burn fat, but that is a longer process because it burns much slower than carbohydrate. Your metabolism will start to operate sluggishly and you will have a lot less energy for exercise. And if you’re filling up on low carb products that are pre-packaged, rather than natural plant-based, you could lower your fibre intake too much, which could then lead to bowel, digestive and cardiovascular problems, as well as vitamin deficiencies.

Now that can and did lead to bloating, indigestion, constipation and in some cases diarrhoea. The trouble is, some runners still think that this type of carb loading is the way to go. It isn’t. And for people with diabetes, it can also have a negative effect on blood sugar levels.

It can range from skipping a carbohydrate drink on a long run because of an anxiety about calorie intake, to more general limiting of carbs and calories in the diet and even substituting an energy bar with a proper meal. This is something a lot of runners may suffer from, but be blissfully unaware of. However, according to a survey from the University of North Carolina, 65 per cent of women in the USA suffer from disordered eating.

A lot of detox diets talk alluringly of the potential benefits of cutting out dairy and wheat. Well if you cut out dairy, you may become calcium deficient, which could lead to brittle bones and possible injury, a slower metabolism and a loss of efficient fat burning capability. No wheat denies the body foods like pasta, bread and cereals, all of which are rich in carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins. You will probably also experience low blood sugar, which makes it very difficult to do any kind of exercise. So as with all things connected with diet and fitness, everything in moderation is always best.

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