SixWeek Beginner Runner Training Plan

Beginner Running

Walk-run combination

Running frequency

Comfortable pace

Plan your runs in advance

Decent running shoes

While you don’t need to worry about forking out for specialist running clothing, equipment or admission fees, one thing you do need to have right from the outset is a decent pair of running shoes. The best place to get these is at a specialist running store, where staff will be able to advise you on the right shoes for your foot type, running style and individual needs. While you are there, get a couple of pairs of good quality running socks too. And ladies, don’t take a single step without a sports bra!

One thing you do need to have right from the outset is a decent pair of running shoes.

Get running in six weeks – the plan

Training Plan Week One

  1. : Walk for 3 minutes, run for 2 minutes and repeat 5 times (25)

Get a notebook and start a ‘training diary’ to keep tabs on your progress.

Training Plan Week Two

  1. : Walk for 2 minutes, run for 3 minutes and repeat 5 times (25)

: Don’t look down at your feet when you run. Look at the path or road ahead to keep your body aligned.

Training Plan Week Three

  1. : Walk for 1 minute, run for 4 minutes and repeat 5 times (25)

: Try to remain relaxed while you are running. Unclench those fists — and smile.

Training Plan Week Four

  1. Jog for 10 minutes (walk as and when you need to), rest for 2 minutes and repeat (22)

: Don’t expect every run to feel increasingly easy. Everyone has good and bad days …

Training Plan Week Five

  1. : Jog for 15 minutes. Walk or rest for 2 minutes. Repeat. (32)

: Recruit a friend to train with. Or find a running group or club to help you stay motivated.  

Training Plan Week Six

  1. : Jog for 20 minutes

: Get into the habit of carrying some water with you on your runs — it will be essential later on when your runs get longer.

Where to now for your running?

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