Running In Your Lunch Hour

Running Training

    Start your warm-up at the office

    Lunch hour training sessions

    Each of your sessions should be slightly different, as this will be far more beneficial to you than repeating the same session each time.

    Interval session – 45 minutes

    : To increase aerobic capacity, increase leg turnover and improve running economy (i.e. the amount of energy it takes to run at any given pace).

    : Ideally you should do the five-minute efforts around the same route, so that you can keep tabs on whether your pace is being maintained or if you are slowing down slightly as the reps go on.

    Threshold run – 35 minutes

    : To raise lactate threshold and improve speed.

    Time-pressed alternative: Kenyan Hills session – 30 minutes

    Varied-pace (Fartlek) run – 40 minutes

    : To become accustomed to running at different speeds, and work on different aspects of fitness such as power, strength and speed.

    Time-pressed alternative: any shorter amount of time

    And finally…

    Steady run – 35-50 minutes

    : To improve stamina and fat use – and to reinvigorate you for the afternoon.

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