Runner’s KneeCauses and Treatment

Running Injury & Recovery

The cause of runner’s knee


    The tests for runner’s knee

      Hip mobility – iliotibial band length

      Treatment for runner’s knee

      2 minutes and 4 times a day to get the best result.

      firm massage (see Picture 4.) It will also be painful! A few minutes a day will suffice.    

      Gluteal / Abductor strength

      . In the test position shown in Picture 6 with the leg held up and behind the line of the body you should be able to hold against someone pushing the leg down. Compare to the other side. If the leg can be pushed down then it is not strong enough.  


      Should I stop running?

      What to do if it does not settle

      My experience shows that correcting these points along with some deep work to the ITB will sorts out around 80 per cent. Sometimes however the inflammation has simply become too chronic and when you are happy the structural issues are corrected (i.e. the tests are normal and you have checked the other areas out fully) then a steroid injection may be indicated. Again you should be advised on this by your physio and referred to an appropriate clinician, such as a Sports Physician or Musculoskeletal Radiologist.

      How To Avoid Overtraining Or Runner’s Burn Out

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