7 Places To Run Before You Die

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The world is full of paths, routes, trails and courses that are just waiting to be explored by you. From dusty trails through mountainous areas to pristine, picturesque beaches, the best places to run in the world are varied, exciting and deserve your attention.

The MacRitchie Reservoir Loop is a 10km loop around Singapore’s oldest reservoir. The course is adventurous, exciting and unique. You begin on asphalt boards and then move on to wooden boardwalks. Then as you move further round the trail you find yourself running through a luscious, monkey-filled jungle. Handily there are shower, toilet and drinking water facilities at the start and end points of the MacRitchie Reservoir Loop.

If you’re a seasoned runner looking for a tough challenge then running one of the Grand Canyon routes might be for you. There are several courses you could take. For example, you could run from the South Rim to the North Rim (20.6 miles) or follow the generally level pathway of the Greenway trails. Whichever course you choose to take you will be guaranteed to experience impressive scenery, steep climbs and a sense of freedom that you can only get from running somewhere incredible.

Central Park in New York has to be one of the best parks for running in the world. It’s varied terrain offers runners the chance to mix up their runs and choose routes of varying difficulty. There are soft cinder paths where you can enjoy views of the reservoir, or there are tracks that take you past blossoming cherry trees. Plus there are always great people to watch and a fantastic, energising atmosphere in the park. The best time to run in Central Park is when the park is closed to cars (Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm and from 7pm to 10pm, weekends from 7pm Friday through to 6am Monday).

Bigfork is a town that boasts beauty, tranquillity and picturesque charm. It also holds a certain allure for keen runners because it is home to some of the quietest and most scenic running routes in the world. You can run along the peaceful forest paths or around the huge Flathead Lake, whilst admiring stunning mountain views and breathing in the beautifully clean air.

Cornwall has unbeatable scenery and this South West coastal path that runs from Housel Bay to Lizard Point will not disappoint when it comes to mesmerizing scenery. This one and half mile route takes you past sheltered coves, exposed cliffs and wild flowers. There are some steeper sections, but on the whole this is a pleasant course that isn’t going to be too trying for a regular runner.

Jamaica’s contribution to athletics and running in particular is phenomenal, so naturally it offers some incredible places to run. Supposedly the world-class sprinter Usain Bolt enjoys running at Cinnamon Hill, which is just one of the many fantastic locations to run in Jamaica. If you fancy tackling Cinnamon Hill you can start off on the beach and run up to Cinnamon Hill Golf Course. Then, once at the golf course head towards Cinnamon Hill itself. Here you will find views that are so perfect and glossy they look as though they are a part of a film set.  

If you want a quick course this is the run for you. Running from Kingston to Hampton Court Palace takes you along the flat Thames Tow Path, which means you can run quickly and get a decent time along this four and a half kilometre distance. Not only will you see the beautiful formal gardens and Henry VIII’s palace at Hampton Court Palace, your city route will also give you great views of the Thames and take you over gravel, tarmac and rural areas of London that might come as a surprise in this often hectic metropolis.

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