‘Body Trainer for Men’

By Michael Dregni |

There are more than enough books providing directions and step-by-step photographs of how to do a dumbbell incline row and all the other usual gym “pit” suspects. Body Trainer for Men by fitness trainer and editor Ray Klerck goes deeper.

Klerck is a Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) level 4 master personal trainer and nutrition specialist with Premier Global (equivalent to NASM CPT). He’s also a fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine in the UK and writes for other popular magazines such as FHM, GQ, and Men’s Fitness.

His brand new guide from sports-focused publisher Human Kinetics is the one book you’ll want. It offers a full training plan, starting with a chapter on “Eating Right” — complete with preworkout and postworkout shake recipes — and progressing to hard-core, sports-specific training at the other end.

Fear not: Along the way it includes essential directions and color photos explaining 125 body-weight and free-weight exercises.

Klerck prefaces each set of exercises with a detailed explanation of training those muscles. He looks at the proof — or, in such cases as the doubtful efficacy of crunches, the myths — behind popular training maxims. His hands-on, experienced analyses here are the best parts of the book.

In addition, Klerck offers 100 detailed workout plans for all sorts of contingencies — weight-loss workouts, double-duty workouts, advanced-lifter workouts, and even a chapter devoted to “The Time-Poor Man’s Workout.”

The book also includes a chapter on cooling down and stretching — something lacking in many such guides.

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