Eric’s Big Day: A Bicycle Race Unlike Any Other

By Michael Dregni |

Is your 4-year-old so fleet-footed on her wooden Radio Flyer scooter that you’re sensing Tour de France potential?

Do you bore your 5-year-old to sleep reading him the latest 300-page biography of Eddy Merckx?

Do you already have a Colnago C60 tuned up and waiting in the garage for your 6-year-old as you try to inspire some bike-racing fanaticism in her?

At long, long last, here’s the perfect children’s picture book for bike-crazed kids and parents — as well as those “normal” folks who just want a good story with glorious illustrations.

is a sweet and lovely little storybook by London-based writer and illustrator Rod Waters, newly published by Velo Press. (Waters’s cycling cred is solid, by the way; he holds the Guinness World Record for cycling between Paris and London. His time? Just over 14 hours.)

If you’re already rolling your eyes about too many children’s books that put you to sleep before your kids, fear not. The illustrations are gorgeous, the story clever and fun — and might even bring a smile and happy tear to your jaded eyes.

(Images courtesy Velo Press)


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