Revisiting the NutrientTiming Window

By Laine Bergeson Becco, FMCHC |

Sports nutrition, and especially nutrient timing — or what foods to eat, and when to eat them, to optimize strength and lean muscle mass — have been in the news lately, with some recent studies and meta-analyses calling conventional nutrient-timing wisdom into question.

We’ll be covering these topics in more depth in the coming months in Experience Life, but in the meantime, here’s a brief look at some key moments in the history of nutrient timing — and a preliminary peek at some of the findings from the new research.

  1. This conventional wisdom went largely unquestioned for many years.

Today, scientists are beginning to take a second look at some of these findings. Here are some of the topics they’re discussing:

  1. In a meta-analysis of existing studies, Aragon and Schoenfeld also found that the may play the biggest role in muscle gain.

For more details, read fitness guru Adam Bornstein’s great interview with Aragon and Schoenfeld.

What’s clear right now (it seems to us) is that the research is limited, and that more answers will emerge in the coming weeks, months, and years. Stay tuned as we keep an eye on how things evolve.

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