COMING CLEAN: Inspirational Stories: Kathe Yamagata

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl |

For my first assignment as the new How I’m Doing It section editor, I was fortunate enough to get a fantastic project: working with Kathe Yamagata.

Kathe had shared her story on our blog, and as I was looking through the site with our digital manager, we thought there was more of her story to tell.

And there was — an emotional and powerful story.

When I first spoke with Kathe, I was blown away by her enthusiasm for her new lifestyle, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges one faces when losing weight. We had a spirited discussion about battling demons and food addictions, making a commitment to fitness, finding new avenues to keep us motivated (weightlifters unite!), and discovering the path to sustainable, healthy eating that didn’t feel like deprivation.

Like many of our readers, she’s also kept me encouraged as I look to maintain my weight loss and set my sights on my next performance goals. You can read her story here, and check out the video by Stephanie Glaros, below, to hear directly from Kathe as she reflects on her health transformation.

Kathe Yamagata

Want more of Kathe’s story? Check out her updates in the How I’m Doing It blog here.

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