Kettlebell Cardio in 10 minutes

By Jamie Martin |

Yesterday morning I was desperate for any sort of activity (I’ve even been skipping my regular walks due to this below-zero stretch in Minnesota), so between feeding my little one and hopping in the shower, I headed to the basement for a quick session of kettlebell swings. I set my Tabata Pro app as pictured:

The workout consisted of 10 rounds of two-handed kettlebell swings for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest (one minute/round). By the end of the 10 minutes, I was ready to be done: My forearms and legs were burning from the swings, and my heart rate was up.

As quick as the workout was, I’m feeling the effects today, especially in my legs and thoracic spine. It’s that kind of post-workout sore that hurts so good.

What’s your favorite quick workout? Leave a comment below or tweet me .

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