COMING CLEAN: A Weekend to Run and Remember

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl |

The first weekend of October marks a big running weekend in Minneapolis, the biggest being the official Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and its races, including the 10 mile, the 10K, the 5K, and family events (the 1 mile, the Diaper Dash, the Toddler Trot, etc.).

I’ve never put “run a marathon” on my goals list, but the more I hear from runners who’ve finished one, the more I start to consider it. Especially when you see inspirational images of the finishers like these caught by Pioneer Press photographers.

Many of my friends run the 10 mile each year, and even though that sounds extremely challenging to me now, I think it’s attainable in a few years. (If I write it, it shall be so!)

For now, I’m working on improving my pace in 5Ks. On Saturday, I participated in a 5K to remember baby Silas, our friend’s son who was delivered late-term as a stillborn last December. I know his mom, Amber, through a friend, and when I heard the news of their loss, it deeply impacted me.

We had put our own dreams of starting a family on hold so I could improve my health, and I just couldn’t imagine how I’d ever recover from such heartbreak. This “Let’s Not Be Still” run and walk, which benefited Star Legacy Foundation, works to raise awareness about stillbirths and supports the mothers and families who’ve lost their babies too soon.

I ran/walked/jogged alongside my friend, Jamie, who was also running the 10-miler on Sunday with Amber, so this was more of a “warm-up” for them. Finishing felt great, and even though I didn’t make my best time, I met some amazing people and adorable children, who also raced in their own Diaper Dash.

While the 5Ks I’ve participated in this year have been more for me, it was wonderful to join a group running for a cause.

So I’m curious: What are the reasons behind why you sign up for a race? What gets you motivated to join in? Let me know in the comments section below.

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