ESPRIT DE SHE: A Trusty Training Buddy

By Lydia Anderson |

Meet Experience Life. She’s training for her first run in nearly two decades and is starting with an5K in July! Check back regularly for updates on her training progress. 

My goal is to run the 50th and France 5K in Minneapolis on July 25, 2013. The last time I went running was 20 years ago. My daughter was a baby and I would take her in the jogging stroller. Although I live on a horse farm, and get lots of exercise every day, I am motivated to get stronger and have more endurance as I get older.

My running partner these days is one of our Australian Shepherd dogs, Maybelle. She keeps me going, always staying by my side or right in front of me, looking back to check on my progress. Training is painful right now — I can hardly make it to the top of our hill road.

“Esprit de She” is a series of posts here on Unedited inspired by the Athleta Esprit de She — The Spirit of Her Race Series presented by Life Time Fitness. Several members of the Experience Life team are planning to train for the various run, cycle, duathlon and triathlon events happening in the Twin Cities throughout the summer and fall, and will be tracking their progress, challenges and successes over the next several months.

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