COMING CLEAN: 90Day Challenge: The Home Stretch

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl |

This is our final week in Life Time’s 90-Day Challenge (for this round — another challenge starts soon!), and I’ve been reflecting on my progress thus far. Our final weigh-in days are May 9 to 11.

I’m a little bummed that I won’t make my weight-loss goal of 25 pounds, but I might have been a bit ambitious: My weight loss has varied, sometimes 2 pounds a week, sometimes more and sometimes less, in the three years that I’ve been losing weight and changing my lifestyle. I’m looking at the upside, though: I did lose some weight — depending on the final day, around 10 pounds, but I’ll take it! And even bigger than that, participating in the challenge encouraged me to take a few new classes and mix up my workout routine.

  1. Zumba, and the love of dancing: I attended a Zumba class with one of my Boot Camp buddies, and I was impressed by how quickly she was picking up the steps. I had hoped the same would happen for me, but alas, I was a bit heavy-footed. Several athletes in class were regular students, so I figure, with more attendance, I’ll just improve. I do love dancing, and have enjoyed Zumba in the past, so I’m interested to try a few different classes and instructors, and find a class time that works for me. This class also prompted me to return to my living room bust-a-move sessions, where I put in my earbuds and freestyle dance to “Bust A Move” (among other favorite tunes) while our dog Chloe looks on with confusion/fear/horror. Only now I’ll add in some Zumba moves so I can be ready for the next class.

Have you changed up your workout routine lately? What’s been working (or not)?

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