Guidelines for Metabolic Resistance Training

By Experience Life Staff |

If you like the idea of burning hundreds of calories in a single workout while also triggering a powerful metabolism-boosting “afterburn” effect, consider metabolic resistance training (MRT). A form of circuit training, MRT combines multijoint exercises (such as pushups, kettlebell swings and Olympic lifts), allowing for just a few seconds’ rest in between. To help make the most of your MRT program, Jason Bonn, CSCS, a coach with Precision Nutrition, suggests the following guidelines.

Top 3 MRT guidelines to follow:

  1. Sequence your exercises for maximum effectiveness. In MRT, you don’t want to work the same group of muscles twice in a row. “You want to progress through a set of exercises that don’t compete with each other,” says Bonn. So instead of two consecutive lower-body moves, like squats and lunges, you might switch between pull-ups and lunges. Also, you might want to avoid putting a highly fatiguing exercise (like high-rep lunges) before highly technical ones (like Olympic lifts). When you’re exhausted, your focus and form might suffer; instead, switch the order.

A qualified pro can evaluate your readiness and help you draw up a good MRT plan. Or, to get started on your own, check out the “Simplicity Complex” workout.

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