COMING CLEAN: Team Kettlebells

By Courtney Lewis Opdahl |

As I’ve been working hard to lose weight, I’ve found a great support system in my teammates atmagazine. My co-workers have a wealth of knowledge and have either lost weight themselves or are maintaining weight loss, or are generally eating healthy, trying different detox methods (for the body and mind), or are working to improve their strength and fitness.

Several of my co-workers are registered yoga teachers. One competes in long-distance cross-country skiing competitions (always my go-to guy for tips on outdoor winter gear). One is big into rock climbing. A few are avid bikers. And our senior fitness editor and author of , Jen Sinkler, is a certified kettlebell instructor (RKC and KBA), senior-level USA Weightlifting coach, CrossFit Level 1, and L.I.F.T. certified through Ultimate Sandbag.

Every week, our team gets together to do a kettlebell circuit designed by Jen. This circuit gets your heart pumping and builds strength. You can also modify it based on your level of fitness (or if you forgot your workout clothes and are wearing stockings). Two rounds are about 10 minutes; work your way up to four rounds if you have the time. You can also grab heavier kettlebells as you get stronger.

  1. Waiter Carry, 45 seconds. Press a 15-pound kettlebell straight up with your left arm, keep your core tight and walk around the room. Make sure you don’t lean to one side! On round two, carry the kettlebell on your right side.

Repeat the circuit after your 20-second rest. Once complete, you should appear as happy as this:

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