Muscle Bound

By Kelle Walsh |

What Is Muscle Activation Technique?

Muscle Activation Techniques, an approach often referred to as “MAT,” is becoming increasingly popular for treating muscle tightness and imbalances, and for keeping your body in good alignment. When we first published this article on the topic in May 2005, more than 100 MAT specialists had completed the intensive 10-month training program. Today, that number has soared to well over 500, and thousands more have completed the new, less-intensive MAT Jumpstart program.

Created in 2000, MAT Jumpstart is designed to help personal trainers identify clients’ biomechanical imbalances to better develop personalized exercise plans. Jumpstart-educated personal trainers are showing up in better health clubs across the United States, as well as in Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom. We suggest seeking one out at your local health club or sports clinic.

Find the full version of this article in our May 2005 issue. — Eds.

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