How Do I Get the Stink Out of My Gym Clothes?

By Jon Spayde |

There are plenty of DIY strategies for removing the odors from gym threads. Here are some good ones:

Time is of the essence. The longer sweaty workout clothes stay stuffed in your gym bag, the more time moisture-loving microbes get to grow and thrive. Always air wet clothes at the earliest opportunity.

Sweat may soak through your T-shirt, but most of it stays on the inside of the garment. Turning it inside out gives detergent direct access to the fragrant parts.

Thanks to its antimicrobial qualities, vinegar is a great odor neutralizer. Soak stinky garments in a solution of 1 cup vinegar to 4 cups cold water, or add 1/3 cup to the washing machine, soak clothes for 10 minutes, then add another 1/3 cup to the rinse cycle.

A clothesline is a great tool to keep gear smelling clean. Not only is it an easy place to air clothes after a workout, but line-drying also protects them from the heat of the dryer, which can set smells and make them harder to remove.

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