What to Try Now: Adventure Apps

By Heidi Wachter |

Your gear is ready and the car is loaded — but did you remember the hiking-trail guide, star-gazing map, and list of geocaching hotspots dotting your route? These handy apps provide all of that without delaying your trip or taking up any valuable space.


Trailblazers of all skill levels can browse reviews of more than 50,000 foot and bike paths worldwide, view topographic maps, and quickly find driving directions to the closest trailhead.

Free for iOS and Android, but a subscription lets you access offline maps. 

Star Walk

This interactive astronomy guide helps stargazers identify more than 200,000 planets, stars, satellites, and constellations simply by raising the device to the sky.

Available for most devices; $0.99 to $4.99. 


Treasure hunters can use this app and website to search for the nearest stash in more than 185 countries, leave tips, find and log game pieces, and connect with other players around the world. Great for geocachers of all ages.

Free for iOS and Android. 


Not just an app, but a portable home for skiers, surf lovers, and adventure seekers of all kinds. This app lets you easily share stories and tips with other wanderers.

Free for iOS and Android. 

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